CX11 Quad Control - Purple - 7.8oz

CX11 Quad Control - Purple - 7.8oz

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CX11 Quad Control - Purple - 7.8oz

CX11 Quad Control - Purple - 7.8oz

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Paddle Grip Circumference: 3 - 5/8”
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Soft Touch. Agile Swing.

In the Control Series, our patented SST ribbed core with T-700 carbon fiber absorbs energy from the ball in turn allowing for more control going back.

The New CX11 Quad Control has a soft face, great for touch shots and features an even larger sweet spot when compared to other shapes. The control option is best for a dinking play style and play at the kitchen. This paddle will also have the quietest sound.

If you are looking for an elongated paddle with similar benefits as the CX11 Quad Control, try the CX11 Elongated Control.



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Power meets Control.


Paddle Face Finish: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber Ribbed Core
Material: Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber Core
Construction: Patented Carbon Fiber Chambers
Head Shape: Q (Quadraform)
Weight: 7.8 oz
Handle Circumference: 3 5/8” or 3 15/16” grip
Handle Length: 4-3/4"
Paddle Length: 15-7/8"
Paddle Width: 8"
Paddle Thickness: 11mm
Grip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap - Black
Warranty: 1 year USAPA Approved

Frequently Asked Questions
SSTCORE Technology

Solid Span Technology (SST) Patient #10.377.093 is a patented technology invented by Gearbox engineers. The goal: to create the most innovative paddle in pickleball that you can rely on. SST describes an advanced proprietary molding process using a blend of high strength carbon fiber materials to form a ribbed core and one-piece construction. The carbon fiber material is meticulously hand-laid and then rolled to create the only patented ribbed core in all of pickleball. The paddle’s core, face and perimeter are constructed with hundreds of plies of 3K woven carbon fiber and Toray T-700 carbon fiber material. SST has introduced the strongest #1 performing ribbed core paddle in the pickleball industry.

3K Woven Carbon Fiber

The CX Collections have been crafted with 3K woven carbon fiber on both the face and perimeter of the paddle, unlocking a premium feel and sound, a larger sweet spot, greater spin, added torsion control, and more durability. This new material also helps to reduce vibration back to the hand and gives the paddle face more consistency from the center of the face to the edge.

Hyper-Bite Spin Technology

This technology creates spin starting from the SST ribbed core and building out to the paddle face. Our patented ribbed core allows for maximum bite on the ball throughout the swing, further increasing the spin velocity of the ball. In addition to the 3K woven carbon fiber, a urethane coat and advanced texture is applied to the paddle face to boost spin.

Enhanced Sweet Spot

To enhance the sweet spot and make it even larger, numerous 3K woven carbon fiber and Toray T-700 carbon fiber plies have been repositioned to provide a more forgiving and smarter sweet spot. This improvement helps capture more shots and provide the performance you need.

11mm thickness

Our 11mm profiles are shaped to cut and glide through the air. Our sleek aerodynamic edge design provides outstanding maneuverability, optimized spin and effortless play.

Carbon Fiber Edgeless Frame

The paddle’s entire edgeless perimeter has been reinforced with additional plies of 3K carbon fiber, with special attention to the two top corners, further improving the paddles overall strength, wear-resistance, and Gearbox’s market-leading durability.


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